Zach Rosen grew up in an art workshop that produced greeting cards and mid relief sculptures made of a mixture of paper pulp, plaster, and other fortifiers. He spent his childhood learning every step of the business, from operating a silk screen press to making paper and casting molds. Every weekend his family would sell their art at different arts and crafts festivals where Zach began to develop his salesmanship and public speaking skills. His grandma, a cookbook author and food writer, helped spark his interest in food and drink, teaching him about the history and culture around ingredients and recipes. This combination of influences led Zach to develop in early interest in the brewing and fermentation sciences.

He moved to Santa Barbara to start working at Dutch Garden Restaurant and pursue a degree in chemical engineering, which would provide him with a deeper understanding of the brewing process and the science behind beer. He passed the Cert. Cicerone® exam on his 22nd birthday and ever since has been writing on beer, teaching classes, and hosting other educational events. Over time, his interests in art, science, and beer began to fuse and influence his work. Zach has spent years studying abstract beer pairing, crafting events that fuse beer with music, movies, nature, and other conceptual counterparts.

Zach is currently a resident at the Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science, and Technology (SBCAST) where he is developing immersive beer objects that incorporate microcontrollers and sensors to enhance multi-sensory environments. These devices will respond to drinking behavior and interact with their surroundings to craft a drinking experience that creates a group effect while being unique to the individual.