Please see below for a list of services that I offer. I have been working with beer for the past ten years. My work has covered a wide range of topics and experiences. Feel free to reach out with any possible beer-related concept or proposal. Please contact me for more information on any of these services or to set up a conference call. I look forward to seeing how we can work together!

Abstract Beer Pairings & Event Design
Multi-sensory experiences designed to inspire the audience with thought while engaging their senses. These abstract beer pairings have covered a range of scales, from small table-top experiences to interactive beer festivals, and often incorporate elements of theater, dance, music, and art.

Education and Tastings
Small classes to full lectures given in everywhere from the bar to the university setting. These courses have covered a wide array of topics, spanning history to beer science, and often includes beer tastings and food pairings paired with the dialogue.

Beer Writing
Five years of experience as a columnist and freelance writer. My writing seeks to go beyond descriptive text and gathers meaning from history, science, and beer culture. Other writing experience includes crafting tasting notes, menu design, web content, promotional texts, and technical descriptions.

Staff Training 
Courses range from General Beer Service (GBS) to individual topics and sensory training. A GBS 2-hour training session includes the training course, program manuals for each staff, and a beer tasting based off of the establishment’s menu. These courses instruct staff on the fundamentals of beer while also emphasizing the values in proper beer service and establishing customer dialogue.